Joining WestVARS


Join WestVARS ($25 / year*)

Membership in WestVARS requires payment of the applicable dues, and is contingent on the approval by vote of the current members during a regular WestVARS meeting.*


If you prefer to submit your application in person, or you qualify for one of the following membership discounts, please use this link, and provide payment at the next regular club meeting.

In-Person Submission

  • Family membership – $7.50 for first two additional members, $15 flat fee for more than two family members.
  • Youth membership – Free to persons under 18 years of age holding a valid amateur radio license.
  • Newly licensed operator who tested with WestVARS – Free for first year.

NOTE:  Dues are annual for a calendar year starting in January and are prorated quarterly if joining mid-year as follows:

  • Jan, Feb, Mar – $25.00
  • Apr, May, Jun – $28.75
  • Jul., Aug, Sep – $12.50
  • Oct, Nov, Dec – $6.25

* In the unlikely event that dues are paid, and the membership do not approve, all paid dues will be promptly refunded, less any fees associated with PayPal processing.