WestVARS Repeaters

WestVARS maintains two repeaters that are open for any licensed radio amateur to use.  Our primary repeater is the WV4ARS 2m VHF FM analog repeater that has been covering the west Volusia County area for many years.  Recently, we added the KN4EHC 70cm UHF DMR repeater to service.  Information about the repeaters is below.

Repeater Project Updates

WV4ARS 2m FM Repeater

147.315 MHz (+600 kHz offset with 103.5 PL tone)
Located on top of the Hugh Ash Manor building – (29.040409 North, -81.304642 West)
EchoLink node 187321
Allstar node 598401

KN4EHC 70cm DMR Repeater

442.225 MHz (+5 MHz offset)
Located on top of the Hugh Ash Manor building – (29.040409 North, -81.304642 West)

CC: 1
TS1: Local (TG9) – Communication on the local repeater ONLY
TS1: Talk group 311679, color code 1
TS2: Networked – Currently defaults to Brandmeister TG 31121, First Coast DMR linked repeaters.

(TS2 is dynamic, i.e. the user can elect to have the repeater temporarily connect to any other valid Brandmeister Talk Group.  After 10 minutes, TS2 will automatically revert back to BM TG 31121.)

Other Talk Groups you may wish to program into your radio:

TG 91 – Worldwide
TG 3100 – USA Nationwide
TG 3101 – Alabama
TG 3112 – Florida Statewide
TG 3113 – Georgia Statewide
TG 3137 – North Carolina Statewide
TG 3145 – South Carolina Statewide
TG 3147 – Tennessee Statewide
TG 31129 – Orlando
TG 31604 – Southeast Region (4th Call Area)