Winter Field Day January 29 & 30, 2022!

WestVARS will be holding Field Day at Tony (KT4WM) McGhee's house.

IMPORTANT!! If you plan on attending any portion of field day, please fill out the short Field Day Survey.

WestVARS Winter Field Day 2022 Objectives
The WestVARS Winter Field Day is open to all amateur radio operators. Members of other amateur radio clubs and organizations are cordially invited. The goals for this year's WestVARS Winter Field Day are:
  • Try out your gear - bring your go boxes, radios, antennas etc. We'll work together to provide opportunities for everyone to try out their gear.
  • Get on the radio - If you can't bring gear, and/or don't have a license, we'll provide opportunities for you to get on the air.
  • Have a good time - meet and get to know other amateur radio operators
The WestVARS organization has set aside some monies from the general fund to provide a porta-potty, and cover the cost of the majority of the food and drink. Contributions toward the expenses are welcomed, and all contributions will go to offset the costs incurred. Any excess will be put into the WestVARS repeater antenna fund.
When to arrive
  • Campers - If you are bringing a tent, camper or RV, please plan to arrive at 9AM. This will allow us to position the campsites to allow for operating areas and antennas.
  • Those bringing antennas - Please arrive by 10AM if you are bringing an antenna so we can arrange to minimal interference and hazards to people walking around.
  • Everyone else - Please plan to arrive by 11AM which will allow us 3 hours for setup.
  • Those just wanting to drop by, are welcome any time! Extra hands for tear down and cleanup are especially welcomed on Sunday at 1PM.
Food, Drink and Accommodations

Throughout the event, WestVARS will provide lukewarm water, a coffee maker, coffee (creamer and sweetener), along with a variety of snacks. If you wish to have cold drinks, or to have anything else to drink besides coffee or lukewarm water, you will need to bring it yourself.

  • Saturday Lunch: We will be ordering pizza for lunch.
  • Saturday Dinner: WestVARS will provide hot dogs and fixings. You will be able to cook your hotdog over the campfire.
  • Sunday Breakfast: Coffee and bagels or donuts as decided by those on-site
  • Sunday Lunch: TBD by consensus of those on-site.
What to bring
  • Chairs - Please bring your own chair and if you have any extra, bring a couple extra as well!
  • Tents/EZ Ups - tarps and sides may be helpful in shielding from wind. As I write this, the forecast for Saturday is a low of 32!
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Anything besides lukewarm water or coffee that you want to drink.
  • Camera (Please take LOTS of photos and be willing to upload them to me so we can make a page with photos from the event.)
What about things I forgot to mention?
I'm sure there are many things that I forgot to mention, in my effort to keep this short and sweet. You can ask about it on the 2-meter net on Wednesday night or inquire via email.
Looking forward to seeing you there!
Ken Peck, AE2KP
President, WestVARS